Turing Reference
Mr. O'Connor

The Turing Software
Turing Software (zip) - unzip file, no need to install

Turing Basics
Turing Basics Note (pdf)
Working with Strings (pdf)

Selection Structures
The"if" Structure (pdf)

Repetition Structures
Conditional Loops (pdf)
Counted Loops (pdf)

Basic Graphics Functions in Turing (pdf)
Colour Chart (pdf)
Inserting a Picture (Turing)
Using View.Update (a method to reduce flicker when animating) (Turing)

Procedures Note (pdf)

Functions Note (pdf)

Key and Mouse Input
Basic Mouse Use (Turing)
Multi-Button Mouse Mode (Turing)
Using "getch" to listen for keys (Turing)
Using "Input.Keydown" to listen for keys (Turing)

Other Useful Examples

Timing (Turing)
PlayingAMusicFile (turing) --> Song From Example (mp3) - (works with .wav, .mp3, or .midi files)