Java Resource Page
Mr. O'Connor

Java Files

Geany Editor (exe)
How to Setup Java and Geany at Home (pdf) - recommended
How to Setup Java and Crimson Editor at Home (pdf)
Notepad++ Portable (zip) - Beta Version (Just unzip and use. Let me know about any problems)

Java References

Java API
Canadian Computing Competition Past Contests
Canadian Computing Competition Unofficial Solutions Page
Reddit Daily Programmer Problems

Java Basics

Java Program Template
Primitive Data Types
Naming Rules and Conventions
Basic Output to Console
Basic Input with Scanner
Basic Math Operations
The Math Class
Shortcut Operators
Type Conversions and Casting (pdf)
The String Class (pdf)
Comparing Strings and Chars (java)
Formatting Numbers - decimal places, currency, etc. (java)
Putting a delay into a program (java)

Java Control Structures

Control Structures Textbook Chapter (covers decision and repetition) (pdf)
Selection Structures in Java (the 'if' statement) (pdf)
Nested 'if' statements vs. compound boolean statements example code (java)
Repetition Structures in Java (loops) (pdf)

Writing Methods

Methods (pdf)
Simple Methods (pdf)
Methods with parameters (pdf)
Methods that return data (pdf)


Arrays (pdf)
Single dimensional array basics (java)
Passing an array as a parameter example (java)

File Reading and Writing

Read Files using the Scanner (java) - easiest method
File Reading Demo 01 - Read char-by-char (java)
File Reading Demo 02 - Read line-by-line (java)
Using the StringTokenizer Class (pdf)
StringTokenizer Demo 01 - read String tokens (java)
StringTokenizer Demo 02 - detect number tokens (java)

Object Oriented Programming

An Introduction to Object Oriented Programming in Java
Introductory Concepts (pdf)
Parts of an Object Class (pdf)
Instance vs Class Variables and Methods (static vs non-static) (pdf)


Collections and The ArrayList (pdf)
ArrayList Demo (java)
The LinkedList (pdf)
LinkedList Demo (java)
The Hashset (pdf)
Hashset Demo (java)
The ListIterator (pdf)
ListIterator Demo (java)

Graphical Interfaces

Basic JFrame Demo (java)
Draw on a JFrame Demo (java)
Drawing Text (java)
JFrame Microwave Example (java)
FlowLayout Example
GridLayout Example
BorderLayout Example
Layout Manager Example (java)
Game Panel (java)
Game Frame (java)
Simple Animation with delay (java)
Simple Animation with a Timer (java)


Displaying an Image File (java)