TER4M1 - CE - Robotics and Control Systems
Mr. O'Connor


Course Outline (pdf)
Computer Lab Introduction (pdf)

Culminating Activity

Culminating Activity Description

Java Programming

Java Reference Page
Java Review Problems
Abundant and Deficient Numbers
Array Problems
Matrix Operations with 2D Arrays (pdf)
Arrays as Parameters and Return Type Example (java)

Object Oriented Programming

Cylinder Class Assignment (pdf)
Cylinder.java (java)
Circle.java (java)
TestCircle.java (java)
Lock Class Assigment (pdf)
JTunes UML Diagram (pdf)
JTunes.java (java)

CCC Questions 2018 (pdf)

Objects and Arrays Unit Success Criteria (pdf) - Test Friday, October 12
TicTacToeTest.java (java) - use this to test your TicTacToeBoard class


TETRIX Arduino Library (zip) - download and unzip inside Arduino Library folder


Arduino Help Doc Project (pdf)
Skills Ontario 2018/2019 Description (pdf)