TER3M1 - Robotics and Control Systems
Mr. O'Connor


TER3M1 Course Outline (pdf)
Computer Lab Introduction (pdf)

Culminating Activity

Culminating Activity Description

Java Programming

Java Reference Page
HelloWorld Demo Program (java)
Data Types and Variables Program (java)
Keyboard Input Program (java)
Problem Set #1 (pdf)

Selection with the 'if' Statement

Problem Set #2 - Using 'if' (pdf)

Repetition with 'for' and 'while' Loops

Problem Set #3 - Looping (pdf)
Extra Looping Problems (pdf)

Java Basics Success Criteria (pdf) - study for quiz Monday October 1
Java Selection and Repetition Quiz Success Criteria (pdf) - study for quiz Friday October 5


Problem Set #4 - Methods (pdf)
Methods.java (java)
NIM Game Description (pdf)


Problem Set #5 - Arrays

Java Unit Success Criteria (pdf) - Test Friday, October 12

Electronics and Integrated Circuits

Introduction to Circuits and Circuit Components Slides (pdf)
Intro to Circuit Building Activity (pdf)
Exploring Series Resistance Activity COMPLETE (pdf)
Exploring Parallel Resistance Activity COMPLETE (pdf)
Series and Parallel Circuit Calculations COMPLETE (pdf)

Binary and Number Systems Slides (pdf)
Integrated Circuits and Logic Chip Slides (pdf)
Adders Activity COMPLETE (pdf)
Base 10 Decoder and 7-Segment Display Activity (pdf)
Flip-Flops Activity COMPLETE (pdf)
555 Timer Activity (pdf)
H-Bridge Motor Activity (pdf)

Electronics and Integrated Circuits Success Criteria (pdf)


Spin Motor Spin Activity (pdf)

Assignment for Fri. Nov.30

  • Create a circuit using the Tinkercad simulator. The circuit should have 4 buttons and a motor. The circuit should simulate a desk fan. The buttons should be OFF, LOW, MED, and HIGH speeds for the fan (motor). The circuit should also have an led that lights up whenever the fan is moving.