TEJ2O1 - Computer Technology
Mr. O'Connor


Course Outline
Lab Rules

Culminating Activity

Culminating Activity Description

Computer Hardware/Software/Networking


Computer Hardware Slides
Building a Computer Assignment


Operating Systems Slides (pdf)

Networkingand Security

Computer Networks Slides (pdf)
Computer Security Presentation (pdf)
Computer Security Article (pdf) - this is a starting point for your topic
Computer Security Threats Slides (pdf)

Hardware/Software/Networking Unit Success Criteria (pdf) - Unit test Tues. Sept.25

Electronics and Integrated Circuits

Introduction to Circuits Slides (pdf)
Introduction to Circuit Building Activity (pdf)
Exploring Switches (DPST, Relay, Transistor) (pdf)
Binary Number System Slides (pdf)
Fundamental Logic Gates Summary Sheet COMPLETE (pdf)
Adder Circuits COMPLETE (pdf)
Using the Base 10 Decoder and 7-Segment Display (pdf)
Using the 555 Timer (pdf)

Electronics and Integrated Circuits Success Criteria (pdf) - Study for Test Tuesday, October 23

Computer Programming

Turing Reference Page
Editing Code Assigment (pdf)
Problem Set #1 - Turing Basics (pdf)

GraphicsTuring Graphics Challenge

Selection Using 'if'

Problem Set #2 - Using 'if' (pdf)
Credit Card Application Problem (pdf)

Repetition Using Loops

Problem Set #3 - Looping (pdf)
Bouncing Ball (Turing)

Procedures and Functions

Function Writing Assignment (pdf)
Procedures and Functions Example Program (Turing)

Turing Basics Quiz Topics - study for Thursday Nov. 13


NXT Reference Page
Sumobot Contest Description (pdf)